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"They Laughed When I First Tried For A One Night Stand, But After Sleeping With 211  Of The Most Beautiful Women Around..."

  -- Beware! -- The *Secrets* You're About To Discover Are Powerful Enough To Change Any Woman's Behavior And Way Of Thinking -- Use Them Ethically & Responsibly. If You Cannot Promise To Use Them For Good Intentions, Please Leave Now.


f someone tapped you on the shoulder, and handed you the exact system he used to sleep with more than 211 women (in 3 years) within the same night he met them... would you stop to listen?

      Or would you just let it slide?

      You'll get a chance to answer that question in just a bit.

      But in the meantime, prepare for some radical changes in your life as you read this page until the very end.

      Because this isn't like anything you've ever read before.

      Once you're done here, you'll no longer have to worry about running out of things to say when talking to the girls you're attracted to or having your interactions fizzle out before things turn sexual.

      In fact, you're about to learn exactly what's been holding back your success with women, and how to turn it all around on a dime.

      As I'm also going to show you how to create any kind of dating life you want... whether that's sleeping with A LOT more women or sleeping with "the one," that one girl you've been madly in love with all this while but can never seem to get no matter how hard you try.

"If You Use These With Any Girl You've Just Met, You Will Bring Her Home For Sex That Very Same Night."

      And if your goal is to get a gorgeous, high-quality girlfriend, it's easy once you master the techniques I'm about to reveal to you on this page...because you'll be meeting new women on a daily basis, turbo-charging your social life, and racking up more phone numbers and dates than you know what to do with!

      In a moment, I'm going to give you some extremely important advice that will make it much easier for you to "close" any woman you want 10x faster than any other guy you know. But first, I need to ask you a few questions... have any of these happened to you before:

  • You meet women when you go out to socialize, you get phone numbers — but those numbers rarely lead to sex or never at all. When you call the her to see her again, she avoids you like the plague. Or, you might get lucky and wind up taking her out for a date or two — but no matter how hard you tried, it always ends with nothing more than a handshake, a hug or an awkward kiss on the cheek.
  • You had a girl at your place, but you were totally clueless on how to escalate. You fumbled on what to talk about with her, how (and when) to touch, kiss & move towards sex with her. Before you know it, she ends up leaving your place with you getting ZERO sex and her not answering your calls ever again — and you going... “damn, I f@cked that up!”
  • Women you meet are only interested in having a "serious relationship". They tell you about their ex-boyfriends or the long-term relationship they recently got out of. They say they want to take things slowly, or they’re “not ready” to date someone new. You don’t make any moves because you don’t want to scare them away…but when you do take things slow, things just fizzle out and you wind up getting nothing.
  • When you go out to bars and clubs, it seems like the really hot girls are only there to dance with their friends and accept free drinks from guys who they have no intention of sleeping with. They all seem like a bunch of “cock teases” and you feel POWERLESS to even do anything about it.
  • You've met a girl you like, but your conversations were normally too bland and boring, and you wanted to change the vibe of the interaction and make her WANT you
  • You did everything in your power to make her happy and please her, yet she feels NOTHING and keeps talking about OTHER guys except you…

      Now imagine how awesome it would feel if you could reach into your "toolkit" at any time and pull out the perfect tool to fix any situation involving women.

      Imagine always knowing what to say to make her smile, "tweak" her emotions, and jack up her interest, curiosity and attraction...from the very first thing you say to start the conversation, all the way to "closing the deal" after taking her on the most amazing, fun first date she's ever been on in her life.

      Here's what's up: As you may know, for the last 8 years, I've been privy to hang with many of the WORLD’S BEST "naturals" and experts of women and dating -- some call it the "inside" of the Underground Pick-Up Community.

      I observed and watched how they did "it", how they were enjoying their sex-filled, "rock star" lifestyle with streams of women coming in 24/7 day after day, week after week... it was one of those things where you simply had to be there in person, to actually see all the "madness" that was going on.

      ... and I can tell you that being in this secret society,  there lies a "code"...

"... A Code That Only A Very  Select Few Of The World's Top Seducers Are Personally-Initiated Into -- One That Most Are Never Even Told About."

      What I'm about to reveal here today is not illegal (sure, it is borderline un-ethical because your "participants" can quickly become addicted to it), but it is a ferociously guarded set of techniques and secrets, that only an invited few are ever privy to.

      These techniques must - AT ALL COSTS - be kept from the wrong people who may use them for the wrong reasons. And you're about to learn why this taste of the "dark side" gives you a near-mystical power...

      It's this same "code" that is the very lynch-pin to all of the greatest "speed closing" feats in seduction history...

      Pay close attention as I’m going to destroy the myths & lies — especially on girls who want to “take things slow” or that you're "moving too fast" or even when they say they're "not ready yet". (Often, these girls are totally ready to jump in the sack with you tonight — IF you say and do the right things... at the right TIME.)

My Embarrassing Confession And How It Directly Affects YOUR Ability To Be A Master  At Getting One Night Stands...

      Now even though my teachings are everywhere in FHM, New York Post, Spike Radio and the other mammoth media networks across the globe these days, I must say that it wasn't always this way! Back when I was still green at this, sure -- I was already a fairly confident guy, I had a good sense of humor, was able to meet women without much of a problem, but back then my real problem was that of going all the way right to the “END ZONE”  with the women I want.

      ... And that's not to say that I didn't try! During my years living in Las Vegas, I would pound my way through and go out five nights a week! I was socially savvy enough, and funny enough to always meet women (especially after I’d consumed a few drinks and was buzzing with “liquid courage”).

      Problem is I rarely SLEPT with a woman I want the same night that I met her. In fact, even though I met girls every time I went out—and got phone numbers—those numbers never resulted in SEX.

      Sure I’d talk to them, buy some drinks, maybe dance with them…but instead of aiming to bang them that night, I imagined seeing them again for a “date” to try to take things to the next level when I saw them again.

      I didn’t want women to think that I was “only after one thing.” I thought that by being a laidback “nice guy” who didn’t seem to have any expectations, I would "earn" their trust and they would want to hang out with me again.

      I’d get the girl’s phone number, call her three days later to try to arrange something. Those phone chats (if I managed to get them on the phone) were usually weird and awkward. She'd usually forget who I was, sound distracted or was plain uninterested. And when I tried to suggest meeting up, she'd tell me how “busy” she was, that she would call back, or that we could hang out the week after next…

      Nothing happened.

      Uuuugh. Instead of getting flat-out rejected at the bars and clubs, this was much worst... it was flat-out... slow...motion... humiliation.

      I was soo sure she liked me. We drank, we danced, we laughed, we told each other about our lives, our families, our goals and plans…so how is that when I contacted her, she acted like she barely knew who I was??!

Now, Before We Get Started There’s Something
Very Important That You Need To See...

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Have YOU Ever Had Something Like This Happen... To You?

      I know... I hated it too!

      Fast forward today: Looking back, one of the most interesting things I learnt about seduction from the world's best seducers is that your opportunity to "close the deal" will ONLY exist when the two of you are in a “romantic bubble.”

      This is when the two of you are bonding during that first conversation, connecting with each other…having fun, soaking up the energy of the place, maybe buzzing from the alcohol…it feels like no one else in the room matters. It’s just you and her.

      This is your moment…your golden opportunity to see this through to the conclusion that what both of you want deep-down is: sex. Hell... it may very well be your only opportunity! Because by the time she gets home, that "bubble" has dissolved. By the next day, it’s usually nothing more than a hazy memory. She has returned to her daily routine—dealing with the stresses of her job, hanging out with her friends, maybe caught up in dealing with other guys. She might have a boyfriend she didn’t tell you about, or an ex who is trying to get back with her and occupying her thoughts.

      In her mind, you'll no longer be "the really cool, fun guy she met at the bar last night.” Instead, you've been desolately reduced to “just some guy she met at a bar.”

      Moral of the story?

It's All In The "Close"... Always.

      It's the *one thing* that makes or breaks the deal.

      You either close, or you end up with ZERO and her walking away.

      Most guys believe that being a laidback “nice guy”, someone who doesn't look like he's trying too hard and have any "expectations" of getting a woman home with him would be the way to go into a woman's panties... that he would earn her "trust" and be able to slowly work his way up from there.... when in reality, that's possibly the WORST thing you could ever do as a man... you bet it is!

      ... and this is exactly the main reason why they're flat out getting rejected however hard they try.... it's because they aren't even trying at all!

      I mean c'mon, with such an unfocused, placid, weak "close"... no wonder they all fail!

      Let me ask you…

Have You Ever Had A Woman You Really  Liked Act "Coldly" Towards You... Only To Turn Around And Hang All Over Another  Guy?

      It sucks, doesn't it? And the worst part is not understanding WHY it's happening… and feeling like there's nothing you can DO about it.

      My point is this: If you aren't focusing all your efforts on getting a woman to come home with you, if you aren't focusing your efforts to go for the all-important "close"... it will NOT happen by itself!

      On the other hand, when you DO have a solid “closing game”... everything changes. No one (no matter how hot or "out of your league" you think she is) will be out of your reach.

       It also doesn't matter if you're looking to have a one night stand, a bunch of one night stands or even get into a full-fledged, committed, long-term relationship with a girl you want to spend your whole life with. The art of closing always remains the same.


Let Me Ask You A Few More Questions…

      What if you knew how to start conversations with women in a way that made them instantly respond to you with electricity? In other words, what if you could SPARK conversations with women in a way that made them respond to YOU by flirting, smiling, and dripping wet down below?

       How would your life be different if you understood the way to MAGNETICALLY attract women and make them want to sleep with you? Instead of tricking them or trying to "buy" their affections with food, gifts, and compliments (which never works that well anyway), what if you were a guy that women wanted to sleep with just because your PERSONALITY attracted them?

      I know that this might sound a little bit "hard to believe", but it's the truth.

      Take it from someone who has studied just about everything available on the topic… what I'm talking about here isn't discussed ANYWHERE else.

     And like I said before, knowing how to seduce women into your bed on the first night not only gets you as much sex as you want — it’s also your roadmap to being able to PICK AND CHOOSE which woman you only want to have sex with, which one you want to date, or which one you want to enter into a serious, long-term committed relationship with!


So How Do You Do It?

      What's the answer?

      I thought you'd never ask :)

      The answer, my friend, is to stop banging your head against the wall using strategies that DON’T WORK… or use strategies that you "think" might work (but aren't too sure).... stop punishing yourself emotionally… and instead start learning powerful, field-tested, GUARANTEED methods to close and escalate for the ultimate one night stand.

      When you have a proven way of handling each and every situation that you will find yourself in with a woman, you can literally throw “fate” and “luck” out the window and guarantee that things will end up exactly how you want them to… every time.

      I can’t tell you how many opportunities I’ve blown with women in the past… it hurts just thinking about it.

      The good news is that I’ve already gone through all of the “trial and error”… and I’ve developed a MASSIVE ARSENAL of techniques, methods, and shortcuts for every situation (however 'tricky') you will ever find yourself in with a woman.

      ... And the really great thing is that you can learn them FAST… and start using them as soon as you do.

--- Introducing ---

 "One Night Stands Masterclass™: The Art Of Speed Seduction & Close"

      If you're ready to finally kiss your fears of not knowing what to do to "escalate" with  women goodbye --- and give yourself the priceless skill to meet, attract and close women 100x FASTER than the average guy ever will... and leave with her wanting to go home and have sex with you... I have some exciting news for you...      

      I've slogged out the last 5 years (yes, that's FIVE excruciating long years!) putting together a brand new, first-of-its-kind program called "One Night Stands Masterclass™: The Art Of Speed Seduction & Close"... and it's finally ready to rock! This program is not designed to simply educate you on the ins and outs of getting better with  women... it's not just going to give you a few great lines and techniques... no....

      It's where I go about deconstructing the exact blueprint... the shockingly simple cheat-tricks... the age-old, guarded techniques you couldn't even concoct if you tried... and the repeatable, yet discreet, training methods that has transformed clueless virgins into many of the world's best top seducers & speed closers you see today!

     This... my friend...

...Is The Down-Right, Dirty-Dog, "Next, NEXT Level"       Stuff...

       Amongst others, it has been specifically designed to help you:

Create the “romantic bubble” with women that makes a One Night Stand possible.

      (Women always talking about “chemistry”—they want to feel like they’re “supposed” to be with the guy who winds up taking them home, as if it was meant to be. I’ll show you how to create this chemistry by combining the right ingredients, using my secret "magic potion")

      This requires you to start EVERYTHING the right way; interaction, conversation, communication, what you say, what you do to make yourself ooze with raw, dirty, naughty sexual appeal that gets her feeling sexually attracted to you and up for sex tonight.

      At this point, it's crucial to also make sure that this situation has the right LOGISTICS that will make a One Night Stand possible. You obviously don’t want to waste your time using these techniques on girls who, for whatever reason, cannot hook up with you tonight.
(And if she mentions that she has a boyfriend, this should not faze you. I’ll explain why girls with boyfriends are often 5x EASIER to seduce!)

Escalate and get her into your bed—in a way that feels comfortable and natural to her.

      You will overcome the 9 objections that are hard-wired into the female brain...because no matter how smooth your tactics are, if she still has doubts and objections, she will come up with a reason not to f*ck you.

       It also accounts for the fact that all girls are NOT the same and every one of them needs a different "closing recipe."

       Case in point: There are some girls who will allow you to quickly sexually escalate on them after they're attracted to you. Others need to feel comfort and connection before they'll sleep with you. Others just want to be "seduced" (these are the ones you can sleep in an hour or less if you know what you're doing!).

Meet, Connect & "Close" Women At 10X  The Speed!

     Here is a very small sample of the *breakthrough* techniques you'll learn in this program:

  • Where to start: The blueprint and step-by-step action plan for "closing" a woman for a one night stand and how to get her to choose YOU over any other guy that tries to compete for her attention.

  • 7 reasons why 99.99% of men always fail to master the skill of getting one night stands… and how to SMASH THROUGH and permanently eliminate this dangerous mental obstacle

  • 7 secrets of screening for women who have the "logistics" necessary to go home with you that night (and not waste your time on the women that don't... these are the main essence of doing the ultimate speed close using the least time possible!)

  • A broken down and explained structure on exactly what to SAY and DO from start to finish for accelerating attraction with any woman at 10x the speed with MINIMAL effort.

  • Word-for-word scripts on how to overcome a woman's 9 most common objections to jumping into bed with you in only a few short hours (and often within minutes when you apply the One Night Stands Masterclass methodically)

  • Under-the-radar "deal-closers" & closing tactics to smoothly "extract" her from wherever she is; the bar, gym, library, cafe, the local mall, etc and BEG to follow you straight and into your bedroom (There are so many little things you can do to make this often tricky move so flawless and natural that you should never have to convince a women to go home with you ever again!)

  • 5 proven ways to “keep the power” in your interaction with a woman and guarantee that YOU are in charge… and the ball is always in your court (This will also eliminate her desire to play “head games” with you… because she’ll fear that if she plays games that she’ll lose you)

  • The 4 crucial words you must say immediately after you’ve approached a woman to ensure she stays and want to know more about you

  • How to touch a woman the right way upon first meeting her (without creeping or freaking her out) that can easily lead to hand-holding, closing with a kiss and bringing her home later

  • “Word for word” questions you can ask to build instant connection & rapport to get a woman you’ve just met to open herself up to you & secretly have that “Oh my God, we’re sooo connecting with each other!” thoughts as you’re talking to her.

  • Secrets of master seducers that practically FORCES a woman to say “yes” to a dance, her phone number, a kiss, a blow job… or anything you want it to be (So easy to learn, you’ll use it THE NIGHT YOU LEARN IT!)

  • “Sneaky” (but fun for her) ways to get any woman to approach YOU, start up a conversation and you "speed closing" her for a hot, steamy and highly erotic one-night-lay.

  • The 8 "hot" emotional buttons of a woman and how to you can use them to TRIGGER her internal “sexual selection mechanism”, bring out her naughty *animal* side and make her CRAZY for you

  • The secrets to quickly cultivating a charismatic, interesting & sensual personality that makes women fascinated, intrigued by you and want MORE of you....

  • A simple technique on how to smoothly walk up to ANY woman and strike up fun-filled, playful, flirtatious conversations and instantly have her feeling that funny ‘I don’t know what’s with this guy, but I just want to be around him’ vibe within the first few minutes of interaction 

... and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

You’ll Learn How To Speed Close Women Anywhere With New Relaxed Charm  & Style…

      I'm talking about some of the "juiciest" techniques that's never been shared before like:

  • 4 tried-and-tested reverse-psychology tricks that makes a woman feel comfortable coming back to your place the very first time you hang out

  • How to smoothly switch the conversation to the topic of sex and get a woman WET & incredibly turned on… She’ll be waiting anxiously to tear your clothes off & BEGGING you to have sex with her!

  • Speed closing women for one night stands takes more than just the right words… it takes a special combination of body language, humor, attitude, and other communication. I’ll show you the magic formula, and break it down into bite-size chunks that you’ll easily grasp

  • 6 ingenious ways to arouse a woman right with the power of your words and non-verbal communication that makes her want to go much further with you physically

  • How to “close the distance” with a woman in a way that makes her feel comfortable and excited about getting closer to you

  • How to "slut-ify" that "girl next door" you've had your eye on for weeks and months and close that deal once and for all! Even good girls need a great screw... good news is: there's an unfair curve-ball you can throw that will tingle her down there like no other, have her fantasizing about you... NON-STOP... SHE'LL be the one hounding you to give it to her!

  • How to "speed close" women and communicate with them in a way that makes them feel IRRESISTIBLE towards you… while avoiding the response of "This guy is a pervert who only wants to get into my pants" that so many guys get from women

  • The 5 biggest insecurities women have around sex… and how to make a woman feel totally comfortable and excited about having sex with YOU

  • The 4 universal mistake ALL men make when escalating & trying to “get physical” that instantly causes a woman to go on REJECTION mode!

  • Exposed! A shocking new discovery on the exact, step-by-step process I use to take things with a woman, from hand holding to the bedroom and beyond, that NEVER FAILS (I had to fail A LOT to figure this out… and now I can safely say I've got it down to a science!)

  • What women look for when deciding whether or not to sleep with you (Very few men are able to get past their initial screening process. Here’s what you must do differently with these women to get them to see you as an equal)

  • Exactly what to say and do  when a woman “slows you down” when you are getting physical… and what to do NEXT to keep things going smoothly, and keep her feeling comfortable

  • How to train a girl to please you, step-by-step… and make any woman the perfect sexual partner for you

  • 4 subtle "innocent" ways to touch a woman during your interaction that gets her turned on and thinking about what’s coming next

... and a whole lot more!

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      Suddenly they invite you to join them...and the 3 of you spend the rest of the night tangled into every position imaginable!

      FACT: Most men (and many women) have at one point or another fantasized about having a threesome... but only 0.05 out of 10 will ever have a threesome simply because they don't know what to do to make it happen...

      If YOU fantasize about having a threesome and you haven't had one yet, chances are, you either don't know how to find women open for threesome sex, don't know how to convince your girl or you've got someone in mind but you don't know how to convince her!

      Well fret no more as this gem of a black book is a results of YEARS of experience and research in a step-by-step, point-by-point, "follow-the-little-white bouncing-ball" guide to arranging threesomes from scratch (if you're a newbie)... or if you're experienced with group sex, THEY will help you arrange threesomes more often than you ever thought possible - its' easy once you know how!


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"World's #1 Speed Closer: Mark Manson @ Entropy: Reveals His Secrets Of Closing"    (Value:$59.95)

      This top-secret private session is where #1 Top Speed Closing Guru: Mark Manson aka Entropy within the Pick-Up community shares his insights on One Night Stands, revealing his best stories along with his best techniques -- including "direct" approaches (to create sexual chemistry with women within seconds), how to penetrate groups of women, how to handle "the others guys" who try to interfere with your game, advanced "deal closer" tactics, and much more.

      The one factor that separated "the best" with women from "the rest," was this seemingly unspoken rule in conversation.

     It's often referred to as "frame control," "dominance," "social value" or other technical terms.

      Some men just naturally seem to "get it." But most of us have to learn it from scratch. And until now, it's been VERY hard to learn because there's no clear-cut way to measure it.

      I released them here so that you may learn from his mistakes and successes. Hilarious, engaging, but ultimately EDUCATIONAL... don't take the mis-steps he took, and reap the benefits he received... you will be pleased :)

Module #4:

"LA Pimp Master JR Reveals His Secrets On How He Speed-Closed Over 1300+ One Night Stands And How YOU Can Too! (Value:$49.95)

      An ex-con who has been jailed 7 times, twice for pimping --- Legendary LA Pimp-Meister JR is the "man" who's famously known for his unbeatable track record of bedding well over 1300+ women. This private "underground" recording is where he revealed how how did it and how you can too!:

  • How to disqualify yourself from her "count" and allow her to sleep with you on the same night, without feeling slutty...

  • Why 10 minutes is usually all you'll need to get her in "private..."

  • The shocking secret revealed by 4933 interviewed women shows how you can easily and precisely pre-select "one-night stand material" from the Madonnas...

  • The 3 rules of the one night stand - including the infamous "stop" rule...

  • 7 checkpoints from meeting her at the bar to getting her into your bed...

  • How to strike up the "competition mechanism," and accelerate her desire for you at 5 TIMES the speed ...

  • ... and so much more!

Module #5:

"Oral Sex Mastery: Underground Secret Black Book (Value:$49.95)

      It's no secret that guys are almost always TERRIBLE (esp foreplay and oral where they'll just slobber all over and dive right in without getting women warmed up at all... which is a real turn-off sometimes!)

      Research has shown that a guy to know how to use his tongue because that can be the sexiest, most stimulating thing ever!

      Oh by the way, have you ever wanted to know the "secrets" on how to get your girl to LOVE going down on you?

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     And what if on top of that, she LOVED doing it... and just couldn't seem to get enough?

      Like she wanted you in her mouth ALL THE TIME... before sex, after sex, every morning... even in the car??

      You'll learn it all inside this MASSIVE 36+ page booklet filled to the brim with our latest, most cutting edge techniques that we personally use to satisfy our women... and how you can satisfy YOURS too...

      It'll get super addictive after a while so you have been warned!



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"If You're An Auditory Learner, You Want To HEAR The Right Things To Say: ONS Audio Course -- Collector's Edition! (Value:$79.95)

      You should be able listen to the delivery, and tonality behind these techniques. Because you can say the same thing to a woman, with two different energies behind it, and you will get two EXTREMELY different reactions.

      That's exactly why I am also going to include a COMPLETE AUDIO VERSION of this program so you can listen to it in your CD player, I-pod, I-phone, Mp3 player... while you're on your way to work, gym, stuck in a jam... anywhere! It's also *perfect* for the drive to your date for that last minute reminder of the things you need to do to get your girl from wherever she is straight right into your bed!

     This professionally edited CD-audio course contains well over 4 hours+ of the latest, most up-to-date, cutting edge information on one night stands which includes a bunch of additional information that you'll not find anywhere but here.

Here's What YOU Are Going To Get:


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      Simple really :)

      You already know that leveraging on someone who's "been there, done that" is the FASTEST possible short-cut and fail-proof way for you to getting the same result yourself...

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I've heard of Dean before, he had a book written with Carlos Xuma before right? This stuff you have couldn't have arrived at a better time. I'm pretty orite when talking to women, but when it comes to closing, I SUCK.

I've never really realized how my own 'words' were actually affecting my own game, was too caught up with the other so-called bigger, more 'important' stuff but I've learnt that mastering the power of words ALONE, plays a BIG part in the game! This is the one that 'did' it for me, I'm starting to see how it all comes together now... the confidence that flows off you when you phrase your words in an authoritative way.

It takes practice and I'm practicing alright! lol. Tested it out on a total of 4 women til now, and one of them I've already slept with! Whooooo!!!! Rock on bradas, keep up the great job! I'm definitely listening!"

~~ Culbert S, Maine,

" This One's An Explosion Of Fresh Ideas And Insights Into What Women Truly Want, And How To Make Them Pursue YOU Instead Of Playing Their Games "

"I've read practically every dating book out there, which tend to recycle the same information and offer a lot of false hope. This one's an explosion of fresh ideas and insights into what women truly want, and how to make them pursue YOU instead of playing their games. Within three weeks of learning this program, 2 f*ck closes later which got me to land my current girl. She's by far the hottest woman I've ever been with. You da man bro!!!"

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- Roger, New York City

"It's The Weekly Action Plans You Laid Out That Makes It All Become So DO-ABLE And REAL..."

"Finally... a one-stop-shop that really goes deep into they way it really is!! To me, your training is not just a program on how to pick up women.

This is a program that provides the tools to discovering your true self and being true to who you really are! Mixed in with some great tips and amazing insight, it easily gets 5 stars any day of the week.

Thank you! Thank you thank you for finally creating something that every guy can relate to, learn and to put into ACTION. I feel it's the weekly action plans you laid out that makes it all become so DO-ABLE and REAL. It's in the baby steps that makes things happen. I see that you're truly in this to sincerely help guys like us and I really appreciate that.

And the results I have seen in myself and with women have been through the roof!"

~~ M Rogers Sydney, Aus

"... I got my lay the other night, just like what Dean said, it's all about the controlling the flow, controlling the energy, the vibes..."

"Talk about value for money! Whooo I got my lay the other night, just like what Dean said, it's all about the controlling the flow, controlling the energy, the vibes, soo got that!

Dude, where'd you find this guy??! He ROCKS! Guys, for those of you, whom like me previously had problems with closing women, you must download and soak in everything, it's a whole new level of speed seduction, it's fast and advanced.. super insightful. Persuasion and words, powerful combination! All the best!"

~~ Cromee D, LA

"... Things went ahead pretty quickly and before I knew it, we were making out (wildly!) in my car just before she got back home..."


I'm impressed with your newsletters, you really know your sh#t, you sure you're no bit#h on the other end? lol... kidding. Dean's game is tight. I like his mindset on how he deals and the way he communicates with women, I see where the hostage negotiator thingy fits in now hehe..

Results? Yeah.. I used to be pretty bothered by how I was actually getting the results I wanted especially with the women I LIKED. It's not easy when you're really into a girl and trying your best not to screw up but here's what I did, I blurted out the SAME EXACT WORDS Dean shared in this recording and bam! I couldn't believe it, it worked... just like THAT!

I got this girl out on a date (took the time to practice my word phrases beforehand) and whatdayaknow??!! things went ahead pretty quickly and before I knew it, we were making out (wildly!) in my car just before she got back home. Sweet!!

Thanks simon, couldn't have done it with your advice and materials. Stay in touch!"

~~ Aiden J, New Hampshire







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